segunda-feira, fevereiro 27, 2006

Economia feminista

Alguns links para trabalhos de investigadoras desta corrente que anda em busca de uma teoria económica femininista.
A ler com  cuidado: o pós-modernismo é prejudicial à saúde! 

  Zdravka Todorova
  University of Missouri - Kansas City

  • "Incorporating Gender in Keynes’s Theory of Monetary Production: An Institutionalist Perspective" (doc)
  • "Theorizing about Agency, Gender and Environment in the Context of Monetary Production and Living Systems"
  • "Entrepreneurship does not Equal Development: A Note on Bulgaria's EU Candidacy and Competitiveness (2004)"

      Rebecca M. Blank
      University of Michigan

  • "It Takes A Nation: A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty"
  • "Is the Market Moral?"

      Lisa Saunders
      California - Berkeley

  • "Racial Differences in Transportation Access to Employment in Chicago and Los Angeles, 1980 and 1990"
  • "Prosperity for all? The Economic Boom and African American"
  • "Political Economy and the Construction of Gender: The Example of Housework Within Same-Sex Households"
  • "If You Can't Stand the Heat..."

      Myra H. Strober
      School of Education - Stanford Unversity

  • "Habits of the Mind: Challenges for Multidisciplinarity"
  • ""The Application of Mainstream Economics Constructs to Education: A Feminist Analysis" (doc)
  • "Feminist Economics: Implications for Education"

      Cordelia W. Reimers
      Hunter College - City University of New York

  • Responses to Social Security by Men and Women: Myopic and Far-Sighted Behavior

      Paula England
      Stanford University

  • "Love and Distrust Among Unmarried Parents"
  • " Does Bad Pay Cause Occupations to Feminize, Does Feminization Reduce Pay, and How Can We Tell with Longitudinal Data?"
  • "Why Are Some Academic Fields Tipping Toward Female?"
  • "Toward Gender Equality: Progress and Bottlenecks"

    S. Charusheela
  • "A decade of feminist economics"
  • Feminist Economics Today: Beyond Economic Man, org. Marianne A. Ferber e Julie A. Nelson. (livro)
  • Toward a Feminist Theory of Economics (Economics as Social Theory), org.:Drucilla K. Barker, Edith Kuiper (livro)
  • Feminist Economics (revista)